Donate Books

To donate used books in support of the NC Psychoanalytic Foundation, print out and follow this simple procedure:

  1. Gather up your books to donate. The books do not need to be related to psychoanalysis in any way. Examples of acceptable types of books include: scholarly books on the humanities, social sciences, foreign languages, North Carolina and Southern history, literature, classics, children’s books, art, and many more categories. If you have any large collections or series, please call ahead to confirm that they will be accepted before bringing in the books. Unfortunately, we cannot accept textbooks.
  2. Call The Bookshop of Chapel Hill at 400 West Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (919) 942-5178 and ask to speak with the manager about a donation of books in support of the NC Psychoanalytic Foundation. Discuss the selection of books you are planning to donate to ensure they will be accepted.
  3. Bring your books to The Bookshop of Chapel Hill, 400 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC.
  4. Deposit the books on the receiver table and inform staff that you are making a donation in support of the NC Psychoanalytic Foundation.
  5. Ask The Bookshop staff to issue a check for the books, with a note indicating your name as donor, address, and date of donation. Checks should be made payable to the NC Psychoanalytic Foundation and mailed to:Kerry Waite, Administrative Director, Email
    NC Psychoanalytic Foundation
    901 Paverstone Drive, Suite 11
    Raleigh, NC 27615
    (919) 847-2323
  1. Contact Kerry Waite to let her know that you have made a donation of books through The Bookshop so that we can follow up with The Bookshop on your donation.
  2. The NC Psychoanalytic Foundation will send you a thank you note that will serve as a receipt for income tax purposes.

*Note* If you wish to donate a complete set of Freud’s Standard Edition, a full set of a psychoanalytic journal, or a rare/valuable book, please contact Kerry Waite or call us at (919) 847-2323. She will make arrangements to receive these volumes from you, as the NC Psychoanalytic Foundation would prefer to auction these books to its members and The Bookshop may not be able to accept the titles as a donation.

Buying Used Psychoanalytic Books
The Bookshop of Chapel Hill at 400 West Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, NC is also a great source of used psychoanalytic books for purching. The Bookshop maintains a large selection of psychoanalytic volumes in its Psychiatry and Psychology Section. To check on a title, contact The Bookshop at (919) 942-5178.